Well, I’ve fallen down on the job a bit…

by Rachel on August 29, 2012

I was doing really well scheduling my rolodex mini album card photos and then I fell off the bandwagon. : ) Last weekend, some friends of ours hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner. We did this 7 years ago with most of the same friends. It was fun to do it again and get to dress up Western style. My husband went complete with a stick on mustach. It was quite fun and we laughed a LOT! We stayed out way too late and then on Saturday morning I crazily got up and went to some garage sales and did some errands. I did get in bed early on Saturday but by Sunday I was grumpy anyways. I haven’t felt like that in forever and it wasn’t pleasant.

This week has been full of gardening, home school, ladies Bible study and errands. I just haven’t scheduled any more rolodex card photos. Hopefully tonight or in the next couple of days I’ll get that done.


On the home school front: we’ve started a little mini study on the orchestra. I recently got an email from our local home school group about a symphony field trip. I did a very similar field trip quite a few times as a kid and thought it would be fun to take the boys. So, I signed us up. It isn’t until the end of October so that gives a good bit of time to squeeze in some study about orchestras. So far, we’ve talked about the 4 main sections and all the instruments in each section. We’ve listened to solos of each instrument on YouTube and drawn a floor plan of where all the instruments are located on stage. I’m hoping to add quite a few more things to our study before the field trip…it has been quite fun!

So…keep watching for more rolodex photo cards. : )

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