Scrapbooking rolodex mini album – Day 3

by Rachel on August 6, 2012

Another day and another rolodex card mini layout. This is really fun being able to schedule blog posts. I know, I know…go a head and laugh all you professional bloggers who already schedule your posts all the time. I just haven’t been that dedicated to mine. Like I said, I’m a Facebook user. This card is #3 from our trip to PA. I love using tissue paper on my scrapbook layouts. I cut it to the size I need, crumple it up, smooth it back out and it make a very soft embellishment. It is also a great way to upcycle all that gift wrap. I keep a drawer in my scrap space full of tissue paper. It is a technique that I haven’t used as much recently but I need to get back to doing that more…I tend to get in ruts with most areas of my life…just ask my husband. I find a recipe that works and we eat it a lot for a few months. I find a scrapbook technique that works and I use it a lot for a few layouts…hmmm…note to self…use tissue paper more often. I’ve also used it on many of my scrapbook inspired card designs. I think I feel a YouTube video tutorial/tip coming on.


Using tissue paper on scrapbook layouts - Scrapbooking rolodex mini album 3

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