Scrapbooking rolodex mini album

August 4, 2012

I’m going to be starting a little series here. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m finally working on it. A few years ago, I made a mini scrapbook album out of a rolodex. The idea came from Donna Downey’s Creative Albums book. I used wallet size photos and embellished a [...]

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Planning, cooking with the kids, working on lists…

August 4, 2012

…I was reading over the list in my last post and I actually did quite a few of those things. Yay! – I did order some almond flour and my 8 year old has been baking SCD recipes like crazy – I did get most of the garden things done and some more – I [...]

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I’m still here…

July 18, 2012

…I think this is my most popular blog title. Mainly ’cause I only post every now and then…I’m just not good at writing. I’ve been working on 3 pages of scrapbook sketch website reviews and I’ve finally finished them. Yay! On the home front: – still doing the home school thing. We go year round [...]

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Scrapbook Sketches

June 29, 2012

I’ve never been too much of a sketch person. I mean, I’ve always thought they were cool and I’ve used them but I just haven’t been attached to them. : ) After doing a bunch of research today, I’m re-inspired. There are so many cool resources out there and so many that have sample layouts [...]

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Rent Scrapbooking Stamps???

June 23, 2012

How cool is that! I was listening to Lain Ehman’s scrapbook podcast and she mentioned a company called It looks like it is similar to Netflix. You put stamp sets in a que and they mail you the next set when you return the one you have. Seriously!? I can see how this would [...]

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How to make your own rhinestone and pearl bling tutorial video

June 21, 2012

This is a super cool scrapbooking technique. I’ve really enjoyed watching Megan Elizabeth’s videos the last few days. I’ve been a subscriber to her YouTube channel for a while now but I’ve had a bit of time to explore her site and channel. I love bling on my layouts as well but she’s right…it is [...]

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On the scrapbook front:

June 19, 2012

…I’ve been working on a photo book from Shutterfly…I love them! This is the first album I’ve made with them and it was very easy and intuitive. I’ve been talking about it over on Facebook and I’m hoping to do a YouTube review soon. June’s ezine is due out soon and I haven’t started working [...]

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VBS week around here…

June 6, 2012

…I am very thankful for the church right down the road from us. My kiddos have gone to Awana there, played Upward sports there and gone to VBS there since we moved here. It has been such a blessing! And that is one of the main things going on around here this week along with [...]

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Camping and scrapbooking

May 29, 2012

We had such a relaxing time camping this weekend. I took so many photos. I told my husband that I was trying to break the record for photos taken in one weekend. Photo taking has been very slim for the last few years due to stress and busyness but I really made up for it. [...]

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And then again…

May 18, 2012

…maybe I’ll do the photo book about my house. At my last house I created a mini album with photos and a floorplan with a key. I love that thing! It shows me every angle of every room keyed to my hand drawn floor plan. I have a back ground in Interior Design so it [...]

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